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Why hello there my alien-mecha-robot-terminator-human-furry-brony/whatever or whoever you are!
Welcome to my little... I guess you call it a gallery?
I call this junk but hey, i guess everyone have their preference eh?

I personally don't call myself much of an artist (Even though id love to be one) since i'm just too slow to keep up with any kind of competition.
And if im not drawing stuff I am probably gaming, and if you plan to play some games with me (Right now i'm bouncing from game to game) then feel free to send a note.

Also, please take a look on my scraps part of my gallery at some point.
I sometime upload stuff there, so maybe new uploads won't be viewed immediately.

If I faved your piece of art but did'nt leave a comment, I most likely liked it. Sometimes i just don't have time to add a comment to your drawing but if its a fave its a fave!
Sorry otherwise if you get upset at me for not leaving a comment!

Operational status:

Personal Quote: "Building stuff, one atom at a time"
  • Listening to: MDK - Drown (One Day)
There we go. All plans are done for the education.
Everything has been prepared (except for buying all the materials needed).

For the first time in the longest time I can feel some kind of hope. I feel like I almost could burst out crying of happiness, I have great hopes for this education.

It may not be full time, but since I burn for drawing stuff I will take this step for now.
Hopefully I can learn some good stuff from this...


  • Listening to: MDK - Drown (One Day)
There we go. All plans are done for the education.
Everything has been prepared (except for buying all the materials needed).

For the first time in the longest time I can feel some kind of hope. I feel like I almost could burst out crying of happiness, I have great hopes for this education.

It may not be full time, but since I burn for drawing stuff I will take this step for now.
Hopefully I can learn some good stuff from this...
Anthro Espeon
Wait... What is this? A MALE pokémorph? o_O
Well, he is feminime after all...

Following my attempt at an Umbreon I felt like to try to draw an Espeon as well. I also wanted to try out creating a light source coming out of his hands.
To be honest, I always wanted to draw a male Espeon... Don't know why though and since I never drawn a male before i rather used some bishonen/femboi style to him. I guess I thought of MGS2 Raiden when made this lol.

This time I felt that the hands were drawn better but the legs... I am not too happy with them, but I will get better with some more experience. I kinda get the feeling as well that if I would rotate the picture clockwise it would like like he is standing up rather than falling.

First I wanted to add another light source, some green fireball coming across but it blocket out too much of the character so used some weird back lightning coming from somewhere.
I may also have made the picture too dark... Is it? With the darkness I managed to create some volume...

I must have had an brain-fart or something... Of course this is an Espeon, not an Umbreon!
Hello everyone, its time for another episode of rambling from your truly!

Last weekend there was this con here in Stockholm called Gamex. It has been running for a few years now, but I was not there last year due to being exhausted from work.

This year's round of Gamex actually added Comic-Con to it so that was pretty cool, so it was bigger than ever. Sure, what begun as a simple 'almost a game con showing new games ala E3' has sadly devolved to just a few third part developers were there.

Now, I am extremely incredibly shy to go out like at all but I got one of my friends to join me.

It was quite strange to me to see actual cosplayers IRL. To be so brave as they are, I am not. To dress up as a character like that requires some dedication.

Anyhow, since it was Comic-Con there were some artists there on the floor drawing sketches. These were true professionals in my eyes, I mean... GOD. HOLY SHIT.
Dose skillz yo.

My friend asked me to just speak to one of the artists there since I am interested in drawing as I am.
At first I hesitated as always, but I did it. I walked over to one of these artists and just... Talked.

I guess it may be a skill I have learned from the office when I call our suppliers for their darn supplier item lists that I am starting to understand how to talk to others.

I was expecting like "Yeah, I have been drawing since I was born" or something cocky like that, but no, this was just a human being. I think he had worked with concept art for some games, but his education was actually in 3D-modeling.
Most of his skills were self-taught, but he did say that he did go to an art school at one point (of couse I guess) and modeled with clay (clay models).

He said you learn alot from clay models, wether it is to come up with new designs and/or perspectives.

Then I had the question... How long does it take to do one of these incredlible drawings?
50 hours.
No full-time work, nothing else interrupting on the side.
50 hours of constant drawing from start to finish.
50 hours of first coming up with an concept and then finishing it.

For the first time in a long time  as someone who draws for an hobby I could feel myself smiling. I always complained about me being too slow, but when we take a look at that i work 8 hours a day and can maybe just squeeze in maybe 2 or 3 hours per day to drawings... I may not be so bad.

Well of course I am nowhere near his level, but it gave me some self-confidence! I thanked him for the talk and then forgot to buy one of his prints (godammit) as I walked away.

My friend who was with me was kinda shocked about my random conversation. He was not expecting me to suddenly be so talkative with someone completely random.

I need to be more brave though, I need to speak up. Way too long in my life I have been rather silent, and right now I am paying the price.

Later during the day there was an Q&A session with some of the people behind 'Kung Fury' and right away I took the microphone and asked the people on the scene some questions about the music. My friend was quite shocked again since I actually spoke up in the microphone compared to the rest who almost whispered in the microphone. 

Then I proceeded to buy a few plushies - Princess Luna from MLP, Eevee, Tyrunt and an Umbreon from Pokémon.

During the monday evening when I came home from work I looked at hat Umbreon plushie and thought for myself, lets draw a pokémorph out if it! Thursday, it was complete... And I felt so happy.

Now I just hope I can solve the puzzle with the art school I am interested in. I want to improve!
Anthro Umbreon
Why are hands so hard to draw? I tried my best... ;_;
Oh well, here is my attempt at an Umbreon. Guess some stuff has been transferred from ponies...

Also, this marks my first attempt at 'true' furry legs. To be honest, even to me they are a bit funky.

Also... LASERS! Could'nt help it, sorry!
Rough MK2 by Devil-D-IND
Rough MK2
When the Lhazudra came under attack by space pirates they invented the machines to fight them off.
In the beginning they were simpler constructs called MK1, but these constructs could not fight very well due to basic ai routines. Instead Lhazudra kept abusing their advanced mind reformatting and used dead soldiers for the constructs.

During the end times they built three advanced constructs to fight the pirates on their homeworld, two were dead minds and the third was the only ai construct which was completely sentient. It's name became MK2 (or sometimes refered as 'Mark Too')

Their missions: Make these monsters pay for what they did to their creators.

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Tools are in the game, ideas are in the head :)
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